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Kent Rainbow Gathering - directions. Please click 'Read more' for links to maps.

Tue, 08/06/2010 - 23:58

The Kent Gathering Site, and transport links:The site for the Kent Gathering has now been established. The Welcome Home is on the Coldrum Stones themselves, so please make your way directly to the stones; once there we have a map to show where the main gathering site is. If you have a real need to be directed closer to the site, get in touch and we can direct you to the carpark in the White Horse Woods.

Transport links to the nearby village of Trottiscliffe (NB - pronounced 'TROSLEY'!) - there is no train station; but there are buses from Maidstone: 54, and 58 from Maidstone (New Venture buses). There are also buses from Tonbridge - the 220 goes to Trottiscliffe.

Once in Trottiscliffe, find Church Lane, and follow it east, toward the Coldrum Stones. Here is a link to a map of the immediate area:

For a map of the Trottiscliffe wider area, follow this link:
For the mid-kent area, follow this link:

Coming by car, you can come via Church Lane, or from the north, and the Pilgrim's Way, follow Pinesfield Lane south. Again, see the map above, it shows the carpark.

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