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Kent Rainbow Scouting meeting - Saturday 3 July, 11 am, Coldrum Stones, Kent

Sat, 03/07/2010 - 12:00

Hello Family!

You are all invited to the Kent Rainbow scouting meeting taking place Saturday, 3 July, 11 am at Coldrum Stones, Kent.

Whilst at Avebury Rainbow Gathering it was consensed to start a scouting mission on Kent for a UK Rainbow gathering from new moon to new moon, 11 July to 10 August.
There was a vision of scouting the area near the Coldrum Stones as well in other places in Kent.

Raquel and Becca-Jasmine met with Ian at the coldrum long barrow monday, 28 June for a vision quest regarding the Coldrum Stones, the walk to the stones was through beautiful landscapes, perfumed with all kinds of wild herbs and flowers, enhanced by the heat of the day.

The Coldrum long barrow is sited on a small lynchet that runs down from the Pigrims way, in the shadow of the North Downs, Kent. The monument is dated to the early Neolithic period c. 4000 BCE, unlike most megalithic long barrows was more square than elongated in shape. It consists of at least 50 stones, some laid in a semi-circle that made up the side of the barrow, stones have sadly been displaced over time and with excavations, in a nearby tree, ribbons and offerings are tied to the branches.
We sensed a benevolent welcome from the ancestors and spirits of place, even as we walked towards Ryarsh woods after our vision quest we encountered two really friendly horses and a lovely cherry tree laden with ripe wonder kent is known as the garden of England!

The Coldrum long barrow favours good views over the surrounding landscape and from Ian's map we identified a dense area of woodland, visible from the stones and just off the Pilgrims way called Whitehorse hill, this could be a good area to start scouting. From the map we also saw areas of water and Ryarsh woods which we found to be good to spent a night after scouting but not as a Rainbow gathering site.

Coldrum stones is close to Vigo Village and Trosley country park (parking is available in the park but not overnight).
There is a small carpark for a few cars this is found in the lane parallel to Coldrum Lane just to the north, and from here there is a short walk to the stones from the track, to reach Coldrum lane you can either come by the M20 or A20 and at the roundabout take the A227 Gravesend rd in the direction of Vigo and Trosley country park, turn off the A227 in to Vigo Hill, near Trosley country park, follow vigo hill into Pilgrims way, then turn right into Pinesfield Lane and then first left from Pinesfield Lane before you get to before Coldrum lane, from there you will find the carpark.

By public transport buses: 306 and 308 can be got from Borough Green station (nearest) and Sevenoaks station please see link and scroll down for timetable showing services on Saturdays
Get off at Trosley country park and follow driving directions above, you will find footpaths for Stones.

After the scouting meeting, the family can stay overnight in Ryarsh woods nearby.

Bring a open heart and open mind to find the magic land that will embrace the family for a month in Rainbow bliss.

Bring your cup, spoon and plate, sleeping bag, warm clothes and camping material that can easily be carried in a scouting mission. Do not bring synthetic drugs, alcohol or electric material or drums,(no fires),we must be sensitive and mindful not to create too much noise or nuisance other visitors to the stones particularly at these early stages of scouting.

Spread the word, spread the love.


Teo: 07758235750

Ian: 07733973486 (text only)

Liz: 07842110081