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Autumn Equinox Rainbow Gathering

Sun, 16/09/2012 - 18:12 to Mon, 15/10/2012 - 12:00

At the vision council of the Summer Solstice Rainbow Gathering of Tribes in Anglesey, we reached consensus to gather at the Autumn Equinox on the North Downs, using Otford at the conjunction of the River Darent and the North Downs as a base for scouting. We met on the full moon, the 31st of August for a scout circle, by the last remaining ruined tower of Bishop's Palace, near the duckpond. We circled the following day, proceeded to a proposed site near Westerham and came to consensus on the land for the Autumn Equinox Rainbow Gathering. Part of the seed camp will take a nomadic form. We meet on the morning of Sunday the 9th of September, on the steps of st Paul's Cathedral in the city of London. We will depart at midday and follow the Thames to the mouth of the river Darent and then trace the river towards its source. The location of and directions to the gathering are as follows. The nearest large town is Sevenoaks which can be reached by direct train line from Charing Cross, Waterloo, and London Bridge in London, roughly 25 minutes. From Sevenoaks, take a bus (401), between 8.15am and 7.45pm on week days, (limited service at the weekend), to the village of Westerham. In Westerham, find the Comodor restaurant opposite the village green. Next to the restaurant is a an alley called Water Lane. Follow this 200 metres to a kissing gate into a field. Climb the hill straight ahead bearing left at the top of the hill to the hedge line. Follow to the top left hand corner of the field, going steeply downhill at the end to another kissing gate. Turn right along the forest line, then right into the woods, known as tower hill woods and follow the path to the top, where there is a tower surrounded by trees at a crossroads in the paths. Welcome home. One love from the Rainbow Family to the Rainbow family