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Invitation to the Rainbow Family to the Runnymede Eco village on the 13th July 2012

Rainbow Family held council, on the 13th July 2012, around the fire in the Longhouse at Runnymede Eco Village, with agreement from all present, to make a formal invitation to Rainbow Family to join with the Eco village in creating a vibrant community in the woods. Concern was expressed from some regarding the consumption of meat in the community. However, a vegan option is usually available and any who have strong sensitivities in this area may find a solution in bringing pots where only vegan food would be prepared and the possibility of creating a separate fire for cooking in the spirit of diversity and respect, rather than separation. The best route is via Cooper's lane in Egham, then after 500 metres, taking a right through a kissing gate marked with a sign "Airforce memorial," then following a muddy path for another five hundred yards, keeping to the left at any junction until spying tents on the left, just before an open field. For a map, check on Runnymede Eco village website. There are site mobiles, which are generally manned 07963 475195 or 07905 283114. One love, from the Rainbow family to the Rainbow Family.