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Rainbow Family Winter Refuge

Mon, 26/11/2012 (All day)

The W.I.S.E Isles Rainbow Family are welcome at the Diggers 2012 camp at Runnymede. This was established at two succesive vision councils, in which it was underlined that all are welcome to the diggers camp with respect, but that Rainbow Family come with recognition of the resposibility of a group which is identified by its use of the talking stick as a means of communication. Concern was expressed with regard to use of firewood and availability of structures. We will begin work on a community structure this weekend and communication regarding firewood will be ongoing. So the winter refuge is available as soon as it is built, come one, come all, but don't forget your cup, bowl and spoon, shelter, warm clothes; and if you can, tools, kitchen equipment, organic wholefood, musical instruments and something for the magic hat. One love, from the rainbow family to the rainbow family.

Runnymede eco village is located close to the river Thames, just up the hill from the magna carta memorial site. The nearest village (which has a train station that runs direct from London Waterloo) is 15 minutes walk away up Coopers Mill Lane. 10 minutes up this lane a sign to an airforce memorial will be seen on the right. Take this path through a gate. Keep to the left and you will find the diggers camp. Enquire for the Rainbow refuge. Check on the Diggers 2012 site for a map