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Summer Solstice Rainbow Gathering 2010

Fri, 28/05/2010 - 01:00

We reached consensus at the vision council of the Beltain Rainbow Gathering, to gather again this summer in preparation for the European Gathering in Finland this July/August. The opening of the gathering will be this coming full moon on May 28th, centred on the dark moon of June 12th and closing on the full moon of June 26th. The scouts have reached consensus on gathering as the WISE ISLES Rainbow family on a site close to Avebury stone circles. All are welcome to come here to celebrate life and our love for mother earth in a sacred ring of beech trees.

If you have a vehicle, the car park is approximately 2km east of Silbury hill on the A4 (opposite t
The Sanctuary). From here take the footpath due North for approximately 3km until you reach Welcome home! By public transport, travel to Avebury (from london take the train to Pewsey or Swindon from Paddington and then take the bus) and find the high street. Walk due east up the high street until the end and cross over onto Hare path. This path will lead all the way to welcome home!

Both of these routes will be marked with ribbons.

Come and experience a truly healthy and happy way of being. Swictch off the computer NOW, and come and meet your family, a family of living light. Remember the essentials - cup, bowl and spoon and adequate clothing, bedding and shelter. Please do not bring alcohol, synthetic drugs, electric items or dogs. Come and share in the magic